Artisan Coffee Roaster

Small Batch Roaster & Specialty Coffee Shop

Laveggio Roasteria is a true artisan coffee roaster and specialty coffee shop in Binghamton, NY. We roast on a drum roaster - by hand - because we feel that drum roasting offers the most balanced representation of what the green coffee has to offer. In order to provide a diverse spectrum of flavors we rotate our coffees frequently. We source coffees from all growing regions and roast them to highlight their "terroir", which is their inherent flavors, aromas, and intricacies, based on where they are grown. We are dedicated to offering coffees we're excited about and driven by our intent to provide the highest quality coffees possible.

A Passion for Coffee

The Coffee Professionals Behind Laveggio

Mary Ann and Coe Young have been behind the bar every day for 13 years, hand-crafting espresso drinks and brewing specialty Coffee to SCAA standards and roasting for 8 years.

How It Started

My wife and I found coffee as a profession later in life than most. Having lived in on both the East and West Coast, we have had some great - and a lot of bad - coffee. Timing is everything in life. A chance meeting with a Master Roaster led to sample roasting and cupping an amazing "M.A.O Horse" Harrar on a magical Saturday afternoon. we have never looked back.

The Highest Standards

We are passionate about coffee, and our business is based on roasting great coffees by hand, and celebrating the craft of coffee. Our quality standards are among the toughest in the business. We roast, brew and sell all of our coffees within a 7 day window. After 7 days the coffee is no longer at its peak.
By highlighting the terroir of the coffee with a lighter roasting style - we strive to allow our coffee to convey a sense where they were grown when you drink them. For the most part, roasting a coffee to a dark roast level removes any sense of its terroir.

Professional Services

Equipment, Consultation, & Training

Laveggio Roasteria offers a wide range of consulting services such as green coffee evaluation, roast profile development, custom blending and toll roasting - to bring your coffee to the marketplace.


Equipment Service

We provide equipment service and support for Nuova Simonelli, LaMarzocco & FETCO for our wholesale accounts.

Cafe Consultation

Laveggio Roasteria can also work with you to provide artisan roasted coffee to fit the concept of your cafe or restaurant.

Barista Training

We provide complete brew and Barista programs to train your staff. Call us at (607) 779-1100 to set up a training!


Questions about our online coffee options, cafe, or wholesale offerings? Feel free to reach out!

Laveggio Roasteria is committed to customer service. If you need help placing an order online, have a question for a barista at our cafe, or would like to inquire about any of our services, including a wholesale account, please feel free to reach out and we will be in touch with you shortly. You can also call us at 607-779-1100 or email us direct at