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My palate has reached its limit

Have spent the last 2 hours sample roasting and cupping 2 Kenya, 1 Brazil. It was hard to bag the Kenya samples to wait for tomorrow. The aroma of sweet lemon, stone fruit and floral notes is very vibrant. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

trying to bring down the roaster temp to sample roast

is not easy after 3 hours of production, the heat stored in the mass of a milled steel drum takes time to cool. Having said that I would never purchase a roaster with a stainless drum. Had to argue with the manufacturer to get milled steel – on the recomendation...

-NEW- Black & Blue espresso is in the hoppers!

Our new espresso blend is bigger and funkier than Illuminator. It is very thick with a dark chocolate aroma, big buttery earthy notes in the middle and a long chocolate finish. As a double corto it is a deep flavorful coffee experience, in a milk based drink it...
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