Month: September 2011

Peru CENFROCAFE is available

We just got received this Organic/Fair Trade coffee this morning. Packed in Grain Pro bags it is jade green and beautifully processed.

After 1 sample roast,  I felt that my profile was right where it should be. I finished the first production roast and cupped the results just after cooling as we always do, as a preliminary QC check. This is a really nice coffee with a big candy/floral aroma,  medium body, some orange and fig notes are emerging, and the acidity is nice at this early stage. Can’t wait to cup this first thing tomorrow morning.

Genuine Moka Harar is back

We have an excellent example “Bagersh” brewed today – it has sweet milk chocolate notes,  complex acidity and “classic Harar”  blueberry notes in the finish.  This means that genuine Moka/Java will also be available very shortly.

We are no longer the roasting partner for Liga Masiva

The collaboration with Liga Masiva has been an interesting journey.
The first meeting between Emily and I took place at one of our front tables at the Roasteria.  Over the course of a few weeks, we had a few more meetings and her idea was turned into the framework of a business model sketched out on a napkin. A partnership was formed with Laveggio Roasteria supplying the green coffee and artisan roasting expertise and Emily launched Liga Masiva.
I sample roasted and cupped greens that Emily brought back from the Dominican Republic – chose one – and started developing roast profiles. The work was time-consuming but rewarding. I believe the project was an excellent example of the Direct Trade model and true artisan roasting.
We are sad to see this collaboration end and the project move out of the area to Brooklyn.

We wish Liga Masiva all the best.

Faema, La Cimbali and Casadio commercial espresso machines

We are excited to announce that we have become Authorized Dealers for these highly respected manufacturers – in addition to the Nuova Simonelli and LaMarzocco equipment that we have sold for years.

Both Faema and La Chimbali have been producing top of the line espresso machines for decades.

The first shot of artisan espresso that I ever had came from a shop with a Faema “No-stop” mechanically controlled volumetric machine – it was a beast.

The new PID controlled  La Chimbali M39 GT, offers group heads that are each individually controlled by PID!!!

Because of amazing temperature stability on its massive individually PID controlled group heads –  The M39 GT  has been approved as a World Barista Cup espresso machine.

Casadio espresso machines, manufactured by La Chimbali allow us to  save customers thousands on the purchase price AND offer factory service.

To celebrate – we are having a fall sale!

All new espresso machines, grinders, brewers and training are on sale now.

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