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Moka / Java

Just took a break and cupped today’s production for defects. The Moka / Java is true to form and so tasty. Blended before roasting – it shows subtle citrus, and even at this early stage – shows classic Harrar blueberry and red wine up front and it is...

Today 7-28-15

Drip   Kenya AA+ “Nguvu” – American roast     Brazil “Oberon” – Vienna roast On the bar – Illuminator V60 – Kenya AA+ “Nguvu” Single origin Brazil “Oberon” cold...

Today is #experimentalfriday

Last week we featured a light roast extraction, this week we are featuring the same light roast extraction – handled just a little differently…

Today 7-24-15

Drip   Mexico “Jacinto” Vienna roast    Ethiopia “Amaro” American roast V60     Kenya AA+ “Nguvu” American roast On the bar  “Illuminator” Cold Brew “Blend 30”
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