We embrace both the Art and the Science of roasting

I feel that our commitment to maintaining the terroir of the coffee we roast is very important. We do this by asserting a light touch with the roasting process. Each coffee develops differently in the drum, and we showcase its terroir by adjusting the heat and airflow...

Single Origin Espresso Box

On Friday 4/29 we are releasing a new product – The Laveggio Roasteria Single Origin Espresso Box. It is 3 different single origin espresso offerings in half pound bags. Check Back on Friday to see what is in the box…..
The Brazil Casa da Crianca project coffee

The Brazil Casa da Crianca project coffee

This is our favorite coffee project, and we are featuring it this Holiday season. Please support Casa da Crianca if you can. $0.10 from the purchase of each pound of this coffee goes directly to the school in Brazil. It also happens to be the best tasting Brazil we...
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