Category: Direct-Trade Liga Masiva

Delivery of Cafe Liga Masiva greens

It has taken longer than we had anticipated – but it should be here tomorrow. I hope to have new profiles set by the end of next week.

This year I would like to offer Liga in a very light roast to complement the other great Organic coffees that we offer here at the Roasteria, but it is very tricky with this coffee.

We have new practices in place at origin and the number of farmers that supply our coffee has been narrowed down to the handful that consistently produce the highest quality.  Am looking forward to cupping this years crop.

Sample roasting Direct Trade Cafe Liga Masiva today

I am working on the finish temp today. It is very nice at the edge of City/Vienna but I want to go a little further into early Vienna Roast to highlight the soft caramel tones and take down the acidity a bit. I’m using a fairly low charge temp and let it ride for 3:00 and then increase the heat. This will get me to First Crack at 8:30. From that point on, heat increase/decrease is a matter of what I am looking to accomplish with the sample.