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Laveggio Roasteria is launching a new consulting services program

Laveggio Roasteria is now offering consulting services and turn-key coffee service solutions to a new market segment of the hospitality sector.

We can evaluate, propose and implement changes to the coffee program at one property or corporate wide.

Treat your world class guests to a world class coffee experience.

Call us for an initial consultation now.

It’s true, we are moving to State Street


Our new home at 178 State Street

Many factors have contributed to the decision to move our business, one key factor, was the recent sale of the building at 101 Court Street – our lease expired and the proposed rent increase by the new owners would bring our overhead to a point that would not be sustainable.

For over a decade, Laveggio Roasteria has been roasting true “Specialty Coffee” and brewing it to SCAA standards from our location at 101 Court Street.

Ten years ago we designed and built this location from the ground up. Our intent was to showcase our European style coffeehouse and roasting room as the framework to provide a truly professional coffee experience with dedicated,  passionate and highly trained staff who care about your coffee experience.. We would be the remedy to the corporate coffee experience.

Laveggio Roasteria was one of the first artisan/craft food business to make the commitment 10 years ago – to what was then an uncertain area.

Ten years later we have roasted over 11,000 loads of coffee by hand, and served a lot of drip and espresso drinks.

We have proven that artisan roasted Specialty Coffee served by our passionate and highly trained staff has created a  coffee experience that is valued and has a place here.

Thank you to our very loyal customers who buy our coffee everyday and our dedicated, tireless staff for implementing our vision –  both of which have made our 10 years at 101 possible and special.

To make this move successful, we have reviewed every part of our retail coffee service and roasting operations. During that process we looked hard internally at efficiency, growth potential, overhead, staff, training and vendors. Most importantly we reviewed the Laveggio customer experience – can we do it better?

We strongly believe that the answer is yes.

The new location will be informed and defined by this work.

Laveggio 4.0 is the result.

It is the hard work and vision of 2 partners that have been in this business – as working owners – for 17 years.

Come visit us on State Street.

Illuminator Espresso

Our Flagship espresso “Illuminator” first made an appearance in 2007.

Except for a brief break at the beginning of this year when I was not happy with the flavor profiles of the coffees we had relied on for years, I have made changes to the blend in light of how climate change has altered the coffee landscape.

Drought, intense heat, flooding etc. have all contributed to altering the flavor profiles from crop to crop – of coffees that we as coffee professionals have become so familiar with.

Illuminator has evolved by necessity, from a consistent flavor profile to a varied one.

Currently there is a touch of mild sweet citrus in the finish which I am enjoying. I have been blending/roasting/cupping and deconstructing “Illuminator” this week to see where it leads me.