Category: Roaster Maintenance

Started the monthly roaster maint. for August ahead of schedule

We removed the cooling tray fan, soaked and wire brushed the cage, and re assembled the unit and put it back in the housing.
Chaff cyclone was brushed out and cleaned.
The cooling capacity of this roaster is not great – I am looking to add a larger fan or an additional fan to bring the times down quicker.
The biggest issue is the amount of heat that is absorbed by the tray, the arms and the sides of the tray. After an hour of production with 4 loads of our Euro roast Java, you can’t touch the arms in the cooling tray or the sides – adding heat in the cooling tray is not good.

Bad vibrations…

The drum exhaust fan was causing bad vibrations once the roaster warmed up. It was time to check it anyway (every 2 months) It was out of balance due to crud on the blades. Took the fan out of the housing and ground it down and polished it. After re-installing the vibration was gone with slightly increased airflow that was evident in the roast times. I will cup yesterdays post- maintenance production. I have a hunch the coffee will be slightly cleaner & brighter.