Mexico "Biosphere Reserve"(Ethically Traded) - City roast $14.50
A Roasteria favorite - for good reason. This is the classic Mexican 
flavor profile of walnuts and chocolate.  Espresso Blue $14.75 (Ethically Traded) Harar Single Origin Espresso. Roasted darker than our "Illuminator" espresso, The flavor profile "Blue" is intense, with a heavy body and dark chocolate notes that coat your palate it is a serious espresso experience. Ethiopia Harar "OCFCU" (Ethically Traded)- American roast $14.50 This is the best Harar we have seen in 3 years. Deep blueberry aroma,  medium body with milk chocolate and stewed berry notes and a P inot Noir finish, classic Harar.  Mexico"Cristal" - Vienna roast $13.75 
Roasted to mid-second crack (Vienna) to highlight the flavor 
profile without covering it up with dark roast notes, it is roasty, rich 
and complex. 

Mexico “Cristal” - French roast $13.75 
We roast "Cristal" just to the end of second crack 
(where French roast begins) to retain a little of the soft milk chocolate 
notes that make this French roast so easy to drink. 

Burundi "Gacokwe" (Ethically Traded) - American roast $13.95
The aroma and flavor profile of this coffee are surprising. The aroma 
of caramel and candied lemon leads to a buttery mouth feel with 
sweet lemon and vanilla notes.

Brazil "Serra Negra"(Ethically Traded) - City roast $13.25 
A very soft hazelnut aroma mixes with milk chocolate and sweet 
hazelnut notes the moment that you take the first sip. It has a 
long buttery finish.

Brazil - "Serra Negra" (Ethically Traded) Full City roast $13.25
Roasted slightly darker to Full City, it is comforting and buttery with rich roasted hazelnut notes and a deep caramel finish. 

Brazil "Serra Negra" (Ethically Traded) Single Origin Espresso  $13.25
As a single origin espresso this Brazil has a sweet flavor profile 
and is a very clean and focused coffee experience. 

Brazil mountain water process decaf - City roast $13.90
Sweet toffee aroma and a deep roasted nuttyness with a soft finish.


Artisan melange "Cristal"  $14.00
We combine a single origin at two distinct roast levels to create 
our Artisan Melange blends. "Cristal" - the first dark 
melange blend is the perfect winter warmer with deep 
dark chocolate notes and a medium finish. 

Illuminator espresso (Ethically Traded) $14.00
Our Signature blend. Created from dry process coffees, 
it has thick buttery crema, with sweet caramel and chocolate 
notes and a eavy body. Its sweet rich flavor blends perfectly 
in milk based drinks ad is smooth and buttery as a double corto. 

Euro Blend  $13.75
Our darkest blend, Euro has a heavy body, deep smoky notes and a smooth finish. 

Black & Tan Blend  $13.50
Our version of the classic pint made with Guinness and Bass Ale. 
Back & Tan has dark roasty notes, a medium/heavy body and 
a lighter finish than our Euro Blend. 

Theresa's Blend $13.95 
We combine a City roast water process decaf with a City roast 
Central American to make this great tasting low caffeine blend. 

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