Single origin coffees 11-29-11

Organic/Direct Trade Ethiopia Harar “OCFCU” – American roast $ 14.50
Easily the best Harar we have seen in 2 years. This FTO Harar has the classic aroma of stewed fruit, the wild complexity in the cup and the unmistakable deep blueberry finish that Harar is known for. Organic/Fair Trade Peru“Norte” City roast $ 14.50 
This FTO Peru has a sweet aroma, a medium body with soft milk chocolate/malty middle notes and a sweet apricot and orange finish.

Organic/Fair Trade “Blue” espresso  $ 14.75
OCFCU Harar roasted with an espresso profile that brings out the deep chocolate and stewed fruit notes and mutes the acidity. This is a great espresso as a double corto. 

Papua New Guinea “Goroka” - French roast $ 13.75 
Coffees from Indonesia/Oceania are heavy, they coat your palate and stay there. We roast this beautiful PNG just out of second crack (where French roast begins) to highlight the dark licorice notes that make this coffee so heady.  Rwanda "Sacof" - American roast $ 13.95 This coffee is stunning. It starts off with sweet aroma with a medium body, has fruity sweet orange peel and malty notes and finishes with a sweet milk chocolate finish.  Colombia "los Naranjos" micro lot - City roast $ 14.50 Beautiful greens - perfect prep. Scored this coffee 91 this morning. Have customers waiting right now for samples from the Chemex while  it is brewing. Big red tropical fruit up front, medium body and sweet sweet caramel.   Brazil, natural process - City roast $ 13.25 
A very soft hazelnut aroma mixes with milk chocolate and sweet hazelnut notes the moment that you take the first sip. It has a long buttery finish.

Rwanda "Sacof" - American roast $ 13.95
This Rwanda has a sweet caramel/fruity aroma, a very juicy start, a light body and a pinot noir like finish. Very nice coffee.

Colombia "Los Naranjos" micro lot - sorry sold out

Dark Brazil Vienna roast $ 13.25
Our natural Brazil roasted to Vienna roast. It is comforting and very rich with dark roasted hazelnut notes – our favorite winter warmer. 

India “Monsooned” Malabar AA super grade – City roast $ 13.95  Very few aged coffees are produced each year and all have a unique flavor profile. Aged on the Malabar coast of India during the Monsoon season - this coffee has almost no acidity, a syrupy body and earthy chocolate notes in the finish. 

Brazil Single Origin Espresso  $ 13.25
As a single origin espresso this Brazil has a sweet flavor profile and is a very clean and focused coffee experience. 

Brazil mountain water process decaf - City roast  $ 13.90
Sweet chocolate and hazelnut notes with a slightly dry finish.

Blends 11-29-11

Illuminator espresso $ 14.00
Illuminator is blended from only pure Arabica coffees - it is thick, creamy and complex with milk chocolate and almond notes in the finish. 

Euro Blend  $ 13.75
Our darkest blend, Euro has a heavy body, deep smoky notes and a smooth finish. 

Black & Tan Blend  $ 13.50
Our version of the classic made with Guinness and Bass. Black & Tan has dark roasty notes, a medium/heavy body and a lighter finish than our Euro Blend. 

Theresa's Blend $ 13.95  
We combine a City roast water process decaf with a City roast Central American to make this great tasting low caffeine blend. 
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