Ethiopia Harrar natural process

Tasting notes: Classic Moka profile, milk chocolate, subtle berries


Colombia “Suroeste” washed, sun dried on raised beds

Tasting notes: Sweet lemon, cashew, cedar, soft chocolate finish


Mexico “Turquesa” fully washed, patio dried

Tasting notes: Medium body, milk and dark chocolate, toasted nuts


Brazil “Oberon” natural

Tasting notes: Silky medium body, sweet toasted nuts


Brazil “Oberon” natural dark roast

Tasting notes: Heavier body, deeply roasted nuts, silky long



Mexico Turquesa our darkest roast

Tasting notes: medium body, deep cocoa notes, with

a clean finish


Brazil Swiss Water decaf

Tasting notes: soft and nutty



Black & Tan blend

This along with Illuminator espresso is one our original blends,

First blended in 2007 when we opened the Roasteria.

Tasting notes: A balance of dark roast and medium

roast coffees which allow both roast levels to shine, medium finish


Theresa’s blend (low caffeine)

Tasting notes: A blend of medium roast regular

and decaf coffees, soft and nutty


Illuminator Espresso – our signature espresso

Heavy bodied and complex with a long finish.





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