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Oscar II

Suitable for: Homes, Offices, Mobile Locations, and Small Shops.

The Oscar II much like its predecessor has been built around the idea of bringing professional quality espresso into the home. Besides the new stainless steel & ABS body, the Oscar II hosts a number of new useful features that further push the limits of what an affordable home espresso machine can do. Including a new ergonomic steam lever, timed dosage, and improved steam-wand. Inside the machine, the Oscar II maintains its professional sized group head and copper boiler. Making the Oscar II the perfect machine for any coffee enthusiast.


Suitable for: Homes, Offices, Mobile Locations, Dinners, and Small Shops.

The Musica is an elegant compact volumetric machine capable of delivering high-quality espresso. This machines size, output, and styling making it ideal for a number of venues.


Suitable for: Demanding professionals, top quality home machine, specialty coffee shops.

An exquisite object that is attractive, simple, and functional. Combining tradition and innovation the Theresia is an espresso machine designed for indulging in the perfect espresso. Not only as a leisure break, but as an l little luxury to appreciate and savor.

MCF Grinder

Recommend with the above machines. Purchase separately here.

Suitable for: Home, Office, Decaf or Small Bar

MCF is a semi-professional grinder, perfect for a home, office, decaf, or small bar. Made out of a die-cast aluminum and housing a high power motor the MCF is built for reliability and quality of grind. Making this an excellent grinder for those who are passionate about great coffee.


Recommend with the above machines. Purchase separately here.

1 – 32 oz Latte Art Pitcher
1 – Long Twist Spoon
1 – 20 oz Latte Art Pitcher
2 – Cleaning Brush
1 – Easy Steam Thermometer
1 – Machine Cleaning Tables
2 – 2 oz Shot Glass
1- Stainless Steel Tamper
1 – Knockbox w/ Holder


Recommend with the above machines. Purchase separately here.

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