Not having the ability to package our coffee in heat sealed valve bags in gift boxes during the Holidays, has caused orders to back up.

We had gotten the worst customer service I have ever experienced on a foreign made heat sealer that we purchased through the company that we have been buying our coffee bags from.

They have no parts available so you have to box it up and ship it to the West Coast for repair and back. Down time – 4 weeks

Because I do all of the maintenance and repair on our roaster, grinders, brewer and espresso machine and not wanting to make the same mistake twice, I wanted a straight answer on parts availability.

I tried one of the National Chains – they took the order and got the wrong heat sealer in.

After some time on Google and a few calls, I found a US mfg. – JJ Elmer in St Louis – and called them direct, got fantastic customer service. They gave me the  number of the dealer to buy from – also in St. Louis – so I called. They were very nice, answered all of my questions. The heat sealer will go out today with free shipping. Great customer service.

The unit ships with a spare fuse and just in case of a major problem – they stock every part in the machine and will overnight them.

Both in our business and as consumers we always try to buy from small businesses like ourselves. National chains can not match the customer service. In this case we also saved hundreds of dollars.

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