About Me

My name is Coe Young and I am the Roastmaster and co-owner of Laveggio Roasteria, an artisan small batch roasting operation and espresso bar in Binghamton, NY. In 10 years we have grown from a small neighborhood espresso bar, where we first started hand crafted espresso drinks to what is now a 2000 sq foot location that houses our roasting operation and espresso bar. We roast and sell “Specialty Coffee” to both retail and wholesale accounts, concentrating on highly rated and rare examples. We are focused on lighter roast profiles to highlight the unique character of each coffee origin that we roast.

About this blog

I want to produce a place on our website where you can search to find coffee information that is direct and accurate. “How to brew drip coffee correctly” or “Coffee freshness” are two examples of articles that are forth coming. You can read my cupping notes for coffees that we sell, or notes on some coffees we chose not to carry. You will see how we extract espresso on our 4 group La Marzocco, with information about machine care, maintenance, and cleaning. If anyone has any comments, suggestions or article requests, email me at cyoung@laveggiocoffeeroasteria.mystagingwebsite.com

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