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Fábio Venancio Alves de Sales (above, left) remembers working in the coffee fields with his father, from the age of 13, and being taught the importance of observing and listening to the plants. His father’s secret was to “always observe and know his crop.”

When Fábio was 22, his parents were killed in a car accident, and he and his brother inherited the family business. After a year of working together, they decided to divide the property and each run their farms their own way.

Today, Fábio is 43 years old, and he and his wife have grown their business from the original 6 hectares Fábio inherited to now 60 hectares. They also own a coffee warehouse in the city of São Francisco de Paula called Grão Forte, and he provide services to the region.

Fábio is constantly concerned about the quality of his coffee and how to maintain it. He believes that for quality to last, it’s important to achieve a uniform maturation and to harvest at just the right moment. During the post-harvest season, he’s up before the sun is warm and out in the field, turning the coffee early in the morning and then multiple times throughout the day.

For Fábio, say our colleagues Brazil who work closely with him, “The most important thing is to have a true affection for the coffee, and he considers himself a lover of this culture.”

Cupping notes: Floral, orange, caramel, chocolate; citric acidity.

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