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Finca Santa Margarita is the family farm of Camila Topke, a trader at InterAmerican Coffee, and is operated in large part by women.

The farm was founded in 1838 by Thomas Wyld (Camila’s great grandfather) and has been in the family or four generations. Today, the farm is 2,320 hecatares—812 of which are coffee farm, with Caturra, Sarchimor, Catimor and Geisha varieties, and the rest of which is natural forest land, devoted to the promotion of natural species and wildlife biodiversity.

The farm has three springs, which are protected by environmental policies and provide water to the people living on the farm, as well as to the wet mill.

Environmental sustainability is a mission of Finca Santa Margarita, from the moment seeds are planted to the moment coffee leaves the farm. Its management practices are based on an agro-foresty system that includes low intakes of agrochemicals, high shade coverage and sustainable quality standards.

The farm also takes very seriously the quality of life of workers on the farm and houses an elementary school for children who live on Santa Margarita, as well as neighboring farms (there are 75 children in the school in total). The farm also includes a small church and health clinic that partners with the Guatemala Dept. of Health.

Coffee is washed and dried on patios, as well as on raised African beds. A goal of the farm is to build a cupping facility on site and to train workers to cup and be advocates for quality.

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