About Us

Laveggio Espresso Bar was born from our passion for good coffee. 17 Years later as working owners, we have been behind the bar every day, hand-crafting espresso drinks and brewing specialty Coffee to SCAA standards. We felt from the very beginning that with the exception of a few small artisan shops  – buying a cup of single origin drip coffee, a cappuccino or beans to brew at home, leaves a lot to be desired. We knew we could do a much better job. Instead of the usual “fast food” coffee experience – we set out to offer a professional coffee experience.  What we created 17 years ago and continue to refine is a culture where the Barista can engage the customer and make knowledgeable suggestions from the standpoint of a trained palate, not reciting tasting notes verbatim. Every aspect of your experience is important to us. With the launch of our small batch artisan roasting operation – Laveggio Roasteria – in 2007, we now control the sourcing and roasting of our coffee as well as continuing to brew to the highest SCAA standards. As we have from day 1 – we unconditionally guarantee each bag of coffee we sell to be; freshly roasted within our 7 day window, and taste as advertised. We will replace it, no questions asked if it is not. 

How It Started

Timing is everything in life. A chance meeting with a Master Roaster in 2000, led to sample roasting and cupping an amazing “M.A.O Horse” Harrar on a magical Saturday afternoon. A long and interesting learning process began, cupping and spitting, sample roasting Huehue and Harrar on a Sivitz air gun (which I got from the late Mike Sivetz – and still use almost every day) learning the SCAA brew chart, pulling shots with J.G. on an ancient manual 3 group Faema, and many long conversations with Don Schoenholdt, Wilem Boot and Carl Staub have led us here.

Now with the design of our new space at 178 Court Street – our commitment to artisan roasted coffee and the customer coffee experience has been elevated again.  We have always concentrated solely on coffee, we don’t serve lunch – we are not a bar. We strive to be “an antidote for the standard retail coffee experience” and we feel it is evident the moment we greet you in our shop. We chose to roast by-hand, without the aid of computerized roast controllers or roasting software and to preserve and showcase the craft of true artisan roasting, because we love roasting. It is not a means to an end – we celebrate the craft every day. To date we have roasted over 12,264 loads of coffee by-hand.

The Highest Standards

Our quality and freshness standards are among the toughest in the business. We roast, brew and sell all of our coffees within a 7 day window. After 7 days the coffee is no longer at its peak and we pull it from stock. We donate these coffees to the Veterans Center, First Responder organizations (Police & Fire Department), local Shelters, or others in need. Our spent grounds and chaff continue to build the soil of the VINES gardens.


We are a small group of talented and focused coffee professionals, each with our own strengths. We work together to make your coffee experience the best it can be. Every employee at Laveggio Roasteria must pass a palate test as a condition of employment. Each new potential hire cups with one or both of the owners to test their palate – it is a pass or fail exercise.

That means that every Barista can discuss the tasting notes for each coffee we offer from experience, as well as the brewing parameters for whatever method you use. Each one of us is driven to show you the difference between our experience and expertise -vs- the standard coffee experience.

Our Menu

Our menu is very simple and straightforward – double espresso shots, Cortado, European latte (5 oz), Cappuccino (6 oz) American latte (12 oz), iced latter (16 oz), cold brew (16 oz) single origin drip (and the occasional seasonal blend).  We offer both light and dark roast drip daily.
We have developed a handful of our own cold brew blends that we cycle regularly. We do not alter our drip or cold brew coffees by adding a flavored syrup – or offer Grande size espresso drinks – so please don’t ask our staff to do so.

Our business model has always been fundamental to our success – We source Specialty Coffees  and roast them by hand to highlight their natural flavors. .

Bagged Coffee

At the Roasteria we don’t offer pre-bagged coffee (of an unknown age) sitting by the cash register as in most shops. Every bag we sell is bagged or blended by-hand, after a discussion with one of us – from the same coffees that we are brewing,. Each bag is clearly marked with a roast date and roast level. We unconditionally guarantee each bag of coffee we sell to be; freshly roasted within our 7 day window, and taste as advertised. We will replace it, no questions asked if it is not.