Laveggio Roasteria is a true artisan coffee roaster, selling only Specialty Grade coffee. We have moved to a new location at 178 State Street.

The design of our new space was informed by 17 years of coffee industry experience – we implemented what worked and changed what didn’t work at our last project at 101 Court Street. Every process we go through during the day was modified to be more efficient, and the customer experience – through better design – is more personal.

We roast only the highest grade of coffee available -“Specialty Grade” – on a drum roaster, by-hand, in the artisan tradition – without the aid of computerized controllers, laptops and roasting software.

We do not offer flavored coffees or blended drinks – both of which are the direct opposite of the Specialty Coffee mindset. We have designed our menu to showcase classic coffee recipes and methods, and we do not modify our drinks or offer size options.

Our focus in on sourcing and roasting Ethically Traded coffees. We have roasted over 11,600 loads of coffee by-hand at the Roasteria since 2007.  We roast, sample roast and cup our production every day. In order to provide a diverse spectrum of flavors we rotate our coffees frequently. Coffees are sourced from all growing regions and roasted to highlight their “terroir”, which is their inherent flavors, aromas, and intricacies, based on where they are grown. We are dedicated to offering coffees we’re excited about and driven by our intent to provide the highest quality coffees possible. As equipment dealers for 17 years offering certified Nuova Simonelli service – we are factory authorized to sell Nuova Simonelli, LaMarzocco, Cimbale and Casadio commercial espresso machines, Mazzer, Mahlkoenig and FETCO grinders and FETCO brewers. Call us first if you need equipment.We offer installation, CQM training and consulting services as well as professional design services to support your project.



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