Organic / Fair Trade Mexico Altura “Cafe de La Trinidad” – French roast. Mexican coffee is very popular at the Roasteria. With a silky body and Bakers chocolate notes and a slightly lighter finish it is a change from our usual big and brawny Indo French roast.

Organic / FT Ethiopia Yirgacheffe “Michelle” Co op, heirloom – American roast – heirloom varietals are a look into how coffee tasted generations ago and this is a great one – tea like with soft milk chocolate, sweet lemon and beautiful bergamot and chocolate notes in the finish.

Costa Rica “Cafe Vida” has a nice mouth feel and a surprising richness even at an American roast. I have lowered the end temp from City to American to emphasize the fruit notes in “Cafe Vida and to give the coffee a more balanced flavor profile.

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