I feel that our commitment to maintaining the terroir of the coffee we roast is very important.

We do this by asserting a light touch with the roasting process. Each coffee develops differently in the drum, and we showcase its terroir by adjusting the heat and airflow carefully over time.

It is a skill I have learned over the past 15 years and by roasting almost 17,000 loads by hand without automation or software.

It is not just a question of light, medium or dark roast,

it is about developing the inherent sweetness of a Brazil or the mouth tingling fruit of a fermented Ethiopia.

Recently I have embraced CROPSTER as a tool to help deliver the very high quality we always have, but to do it very consistently, with no noticeable change to our coffees day to day for our retail customers or batch to batch for our large our commercial customers like Beer Tree.

For Beer Tree we produce custom roasted coffees for their beer making process, and world class espresso, drip, pour over and cold brew for the Downtown and Factory

Cafe operations.


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