I get that question all of the time.

FIrst – All aged Malabar is not the same.

We only buy Josuma Monsooned Malabar AA Super Grade. It is perfectly processed and has a much better flavor profile than any other we have tried.

It is tricky to roast because the aging process changes the density dramatically and that has to be compensated for in charge wt, charge temp, and roast profile.

If it is roasted correctly it is toffee like, with hazelnut notes, a slight earthy character and velvety mouth feel.

Lastly it is the truly the taste of coffee from 200 years ago. The current aging process is now done to mimic the flavor and lack of acidity found in coffees that once traveled for long distances in the holds of cargo ships. The fluctuating humidity within the cargo hold caused the changes that we now try to duplicate artificially.

At Laveggio roasteria we feel that this is a coffee that our customers should try – and they love it – because it is an accurate look back into the history of coffee and it tastes great.

We always try to source heirloom varietals whenever possible. One of our favorites is Kenya “French Mission” not the trendy SL-28, for that very same reason.

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